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Best Golf Hip Flexor Stretch

As a recreational golfer, the chances are that you sit too damn much. Sitting can cause a whole host of postural problems, one of which is short and tight hip flexors muscles. Ok, but what’s the big deal, right? Well, for starters, tight hip flexors can pull your pelvis into anterior pelvic tilt, causing an […]

The Golfer Step Up Exercise

The Golfer Step Up exercise is an excellent way to develop strength and stability in your lower body. The beauty of this movement is that it is unilateral, meaning you are training only one side at a time. This is valuable because it can assist in correcting strength imbalances between your right and left sides. […]

NLP Golf Psychology Hack

In this post I’d like to share our favorite NLP Golf Psychology technique called Anchoring. Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) is a system of techniques that can be used to alter your mental/emotional states and moods. This means that you are in control of how you feel, at any given moment, regardless of the external circumstances. So […]

Golf Coil Turn & Press Exercise

The best golf fitness exercises are the ones that improve numerous elements of the golf swing, while simultaneously improving other athletic qualities. The Golf Coil, Turn & Press does this in spades. This simple exercise assists you in feeling your golf coil, disassociation between your upper and lower body, reaching with your lead arm, stability and […]

Stop Golf Sway Exercise

Golf Sway is a swing fault that refers to your lower body moving excessively away from the target during your backswing. It’s quite common among amateur golfers and can wreak havoc on your consistency. If it’s simply a “habit”, then you’ll need to deep practice enough to reprogram your golf swing motor engram. However, there […]

Power Golf Exercise – Seated Tornado Ball

The Tornado Ball is a an excellent tool for training rotational power, which will have a high carry-over to increased clubhead speed and distance. Caveat # 1 – This is a ballistic golf power exercise, and should only be performed by golfers who have already developed the prerequisite qualities of Mobility/Stability, and a high level […]

Golf Plyometric Jumps For Power

Golf Plyometric Jumps are a great way to develop lower body power, which translates over to more club head speed and distance. Note: As effective as golf plyometric jumps can be, they’re not ideal for everyone. If you have pain in your ankles, knees or low back, you’ll need to address those issues before doing […]

Best Golf Glute Activation Exercise

Your glutes are powerhouse of your golf swing… or at least they should be. However, these days the majority of golfers I work with have glutes that don’t work. I’m not talking about plumbing or digestive issues, but rather their glutes not firing at optimal intensity. That means less distance and a greater chance of […]

Golf Hydration For Peak Performance

There is a serious drinking problem in the golf world… and it’s not alcohol. Today I’d like to address golf hydration for peak performance.  Listen up, because this is serious stuff, with consequences that suck. Luckily, there’s also an easy fix. Did you know that there are over 100 negative side effects of being dehydrated? […]

Golfer Medicine Ball Slams For Power

The Golfer Medicine Ball Overhead Slam is a favorite here at the The Renegade Golf Fitness Institute for a couple of reasons: It develops power and distance; and what golfer doesn’t want more of that? It’s fun and is a good stress-reliever. After all, you get to smash something, and not get in trouble. Although […]