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Best Golf Glute Activation Exercise

by Coach Stephen on

golf glute activation

Your glutes are powerhouse of your golf swing… or at least they should be.

However, these days the majority of golfers I work with have glutes that don’t work.

I’m not talking about plumbing or digestive issues, but rather their glutes not firing at optimal intensity. That means less distance and a greater chance of low back or hamstring injury.

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It’s time to WAKE UP YOUR BUTT!

And to that end (bad butt pun) I’ll show you a simple Golf Glute Activation in todays video.

Before we dive into the video, let me first explain why this is almost an epidemic problem these days for all athletes, not just golfers. Although calling it an epidemic might sound dramatic, you should know that it’s so prevalent that it has a name in the exercise science world – “gluteal amnesia”.

The street name for it is simply “Dead Butt Syndrome”.

No matter what you call it, it’s bad news.

You see, the glutes are your primary muscles that create powerful hip extension, which allows your lower body help generate tremendous speed through your hips.

Poorly activated glutes = weak hip extension and miserable distance.

It also means that other muscles have to make up the difference, and often get overworked, leading to injury i.e. low back pain.

Not to worry; I’m no doctor, but I’ve got the cure.

golf glute activation

The Golf Glute Activation that I cover in this short video is relatively simple, however the details are the key to getting all the benefits.

As always, ask me any questions in the comments section.

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