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Here at The Renegade Golf Training Institute, we take a slightly different path toward golf psychology and mental game mastery.

Big surprise, eh?

Sure, there are lots of the “traditional” sports psychology methods that work fine for golf, at least some of the time.

You know what I’m talking about – think positive, one shot at a time, target focus etc.

If you use these methods and are getting results, then by all means keep utilizing them.

From the feedback of thousands of golfers worldwide, however, it seems as though there are a lot of golfers who are frustrated with the inconsistent results of the traditional models.

On the other hand, we are totally and completely obsessed with results.

To the extreme, really.

I will go to any lengths and experiment with any technique, no matter how whacked or far-fetched it may seem, if it shows promise of consistently being able to lower my handicap and those of my loyal golf renegades.

Case in point; we have an entire chapter dedicated to one of our golf psychology methods in the book Straight Down the Middle by Josh Karp.

The title of our chapter is The Bizarre  Shit.

Need I say more ūüôā

Probably not, but I will anyway.

I have studied psychology and¬†comparative religions¬†at traditional universities. ¬†I’ve also had mentorships with NLP experts and been trained and certified in therapeutic hypnosis.

To boldly go where few golf nuts dare to tread, I’ve also gone on “sabbaticals” throughout Southeast Asia, India and Japan, in order to discover the best methods in the world for achieving the peak performance mind/body state. ¬†On some of these adventures, I’ve ¬†slept on the floors of monasteries and not spoken for over a month (something that my friends and family find very hard to believe), and performed sitting meditation for 4 hours each day (staring at the wall, more or less).

But not to worry, I’ve refined the process down to get the maximum results with minimal time… lotus position and chanting not required.

Here is our approach to results-oriented golf psychology:

1)  Show you numerous techniques to control your mental/emotional state at any time, regardless of the environment. This means that you can choose when you want to feel calm, confident, focused, etc (or all of them at once).  Examples of these techniques would be NLP Anchoring for Golf and Tapping for Golf.

2) ¬†Provide you with the tools to program your sub-conscious mind for ultimate success on the links. ¬†We do this through our Renegade Golf Hypnosis (part of our Renegade Mental Golf System). ¬†To experience just how easy, effective, and “not weird” our golf hypnosis program is check out this free golf hypnosis session.

Browse through all of the psychology resources on this site, start “training your brain”… and get after Old Man Par!