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Golf Coil Turn & Press Exercise

by Coach Stephen on

golf coil

The best golf fitness exercises are the ones that improve numerous elements of the golf swing, while simultaneously improving other athletic qualities.

The Golf Coil, Turn & Press does this in spades.

This simple exercise assists you in feeling your golf coil, disassociation between your upper and lower body, reaching with your lead arm, stability and balance.

Yup, all in one exercise.

A few notes that will be covered in the Golf Coil Turn & Press video below:

  • Assume a moderate split stance with the back foot elevated
  • Keep your lower body still as you rotate into your front leg (creating internal hip rotation)
  • Extend the arm out and away from your body

Note: The Golf Coil Turn & Press is a light load exercise. It is recommended to start without a dumbbell at all, and just get a feel for the movement. For most golfers, 5-10 pounds will be an ideal weight.

If you have any questions about how to best utilize this exercise in your golf fitness routine, please post a comment below.

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