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Golf Strength And Power Exercises

by Coach Stephen on

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As all of you long-time Renegade Golfers know, it is vital to follow a protocol of Mobility and Stability basics before you get into golf strength and power exercises.

And everyone agrees that the only cycle of workouts that are more fun than strength training is POWER training.  So let’s say that you have faithfully been nailing your strength training cycle workouts for 2-3 months.  Is it time to jump into a full-blown power cycle?

Here’s a better idea:  Use a “transitional” workout regime that is referred to as Contrast Training.

Contrast Training is an excellent bridge from strength to power workouts, because it combines both golf strength and power exercises in pairs.

Below is a short video clip where Coach Ryan and I go over the basic concept, and provide two demos of exercises for you to try out:

NOTE:  Keep in mind this type of training is appropriate ONLY if you have progressed through your Mobility and Stability cycles, and spent at least 6-12 weeks in your Strength cycle.  If you would like to learn all of the details on how to structure an entire year of workouts, with videos of every exercise, might I suggest checking out our Power Golf Training System below:

Power Golf Fitness System

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