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Turkish Get Up For Golfers Part 2

by Coach Stephen on

In our last RGT video, we covered the benefits of the Turkish Get Up for golfers, as well as the first portion of the movement.

In review, this is a bad-ass exercise because:

  • It builds golf stability, which is important in your golf swing because it enables you to disassociate your upper and lower body, as well as preventing headaches like swaying and sliding
  • It improves your golf mobility and range of motion (ROM) around your joints… obviously critical in several areas of a consistent and repeatable swing
  • And it builds golf strength, both in terms of the ability to create proper tension while moving and strength endurance… 36 holes – no problem.

In this Turkish Get Up for Golfers Part 2, Human Form Fitness Head Coach “Kettlebell King” James takes you step by step through the entire TGU sequence:

As always, if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

Let’s get on up… And Get After Old Man Par!


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