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How To Increase Your Golf Shoulder Turn

by Coach Stephen on


One of the most challenging initial aspects for many of our clients is how to increase their golf shoulder turn.

As you are certainly aware, your range of motion in your backswing (or lack thereof) will have a definite effect on many aspects of your ball striking, most notably on your distance.  What many golfers are unaware of, however, is that a limited range of motion on your follow-through can also kill your distance.


Because your body is smart, and when it senses that you start moving too fast (as in accelerating your golf club on your downswing), compared to your ability to slow down and stop the action (limited range of motion on your follow-through), your brain will “protect” you by decelerating your club sooner.  Basically, your body/mind connection is attempting to prevent you from injuring small muscles in your shoulders, or have your arms completely rip off your torso.

The point being that the specific golf shoulder turn stretches in this video should be performed on both sides of the body, like most of the stretches and exercises we suggest for you.

I picked up these stretches from a guy named Kelly Starrett of Mobility WOD.  His information is worth your time to check out, if you liked those demonstrated in our video. He’s a bit hardcore at times, so go easy.  But with that caveat, he is THE MAN when it comes to Mobility.

Try these stretches and let me know how you like them, and if you have any questions.

The band that I’m using can be purchased HERE (go with the BLK 2.5 inch)

Increase your golf shoulder turn (both directions), drive the ball further… and Get After Old Man Par!

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