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Setting Up Your Home Golf Gym

by Coach Stephen on

Golf Home Gym

Have you ever started a golf fitness program in the past, and then quit?

You’re not alone, as some studies estimate that over 80% of people who begin an exercise program stop after just five weeks.

Now there are a lot of reasons (some more legit sounding than others), as to why people give up on their exercise routine, even after starting to feel the benefits.

But the number one reason is TIME… or lack thereof.

There’s just not enough of it, and whatever is left over after work and social obligations, we want to spend on the golf course, right!

One of the easiest solutions to the time-crunch issue is to work out in your home.  That way, you eliminate the travel back and forth to the gym, and can shower and use your own facilities.

You may think that you’ll have to spend a bunch of cash in order to equip your home gym… but nothing is further from the truth.

In today’s video, I’ll show you exactly what you need, and all for under $100.

You can get each of these golf gym tools from The Perform Better Website.


And in just about six weeks, I’ll be releasing –

The Power Golf Fitness System: Drive CrushingWorkouts For The Time-Crunched Golfer


Golf Gym


This System will consist of a detailed manual and videos taking you through all four phases of a golf fitness program, just like the tour pros (but modified to fit into the schedules of people with “real lives” and commitments).

More details on that coming up.

Workout at home, save time and money,  and Get After Old Man Par!

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Samuel Browne May 24, 2012 at

Hey Coach, In the past many people worried about the amount of space that all of the home gym equipment would take up in the house. As you point out, that is just simply not the case any longer. The home golf gym equipment you describe can easily fit into a corner of a closet. And very inexpensive.

Linda Greene May 24, 2012 at

I agree, and I LOVE working out at home, compared to a big gym. Adding balance disks to your current home workout routine can tone and strengthen core muscles and improve balance. Even by making movements in slow motion, the balance disks can help you build your strength which will lead to increased distance and accuracy. They are inexpensive and one of my favorite pieces of equipment to use.

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