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Too Much Golf Flexibility?

by Coach Stephen on


We talk a lot about golf flexibility and mobility here at The Renegade Blog.

That’s because it’s vital to your performance on the course and for injury prevention.

So for most of us, we have to work to get more flexible.

However, there is a certain segment of the population that is hyper-mobile, or too flexible, and those golfers should NOT be stretching at all.

Although it is more common in women, I have worked with a dozen or so guys that also fall into this category.

If you are in this category, then it also means there are some important ways you need to adjust your strength training exercises.

In today’s video blog post, I’ll show you a simple test that you can do in order to determine where you are in regards to your golf flexibility and how much you need to stretch.

Check out the video below:

To stretch or not to stretch – that is the question, find out the answer now.

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Todd Delbridge June 17, 2012 at

I’m only a freshman and going for the golf team and I’m a average player. I wanted to know some exercises to improve distance, stability stuff like that and I think you’ve helped me out quite a bit!

Krista Brown June 17, 2012 at

Ohh this makes sense. In a previous post, I had read that flexibility was good, and I am a former gymnast so I was wondering why I don’t have and stability and my swing is all over the place. I get it now! This was insightfull.

Coach Stephen June 17, 2012 at

Hey Krista – We see this a lot at our facility, former gymnasts with hyper-mobile joints. You will likely make great progress by creating more strength to protect and stabilize those joints during your golf swing. It won’t be long until you notice more distance, without even getting to the power exercises… yet!

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