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Golf Psychology Trick – The Circle Of Excellence

by Coach Stephen on

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When it comes to golf psychology coaches, there is a tendency to get over-analytical and, dare I say, academically pompous.

That just isn’t my style.

Instead, I seek out every technique that I can find, test it on myself and my team of local golfers, and then report back to you what seems to be working.

So here is another Renegade Golf Psychology favorite for eliciting peak performance mindsets at any time.

This technique is called The Circle of Excellence, and it is another form of NLP Anchoring for Golf.

Step 1

Decide on a resource state(s) that you would like to have at your disposal i.e. calm, confident, relaxed, self-assured, grateful etc.

Step 2

Image a circle in front of you on the floor/ground.  Better yet, mark it out if you can, with chalk or a rope.  We use a hoola-hoop. 😉

Step 3

Take a moment and clear your head.  Then pick one of your desired mental/emotional states and begin to bring it into your body and mind.  Imagine a time when you felt this emotion intensely.  Recall everything about that time and how strong your feelings were, both in your body and thoughts.  Imagine again everything that you saw, heard, smelled etc.  Get the INTENSITY of this emotion as high as possible.  Now project those intense positive feeling into the circle in front of you.

Step 4

When you sense that your feelings are at their peak, step confidently into the circle.  Take the feelings up even another notch.  Feel the emotion surrounding your body and flowing through you.  Breathe it all in and know that it is part of you.

Step 5

Before the intensity starts to fade, step back out of the circle.  Clear your head by humming a song or counting backwards from 20.

Step 6 +

You can repeat this process for the same emotional state several times (it becomes stronger the more often you do it), or you can choose another mental/emotional state and add that to your Circle of Excellence.

Once you have established your Circle of Excellence, you can simply imagine the circle anywhere at anytime (for example, standing behind the ball for your pre-shot routine), step into it, and instantly have access to your peak performance mindset.

This is an example of Renegade Golf Psychology… no Freudian evaluation of your subconscious lust for your mother, or archeological digging up of the self-defeating attitude you still harbor from being stood up at your high school prom.

If you’re into that sort of thing, have at it.

But give this simple “The Circle of Excellence” technique a shot, and let me know how it affects your golf shots!

Access your peak performance states… and Get After Old Man Par!

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DELLA WOOLF May 24, 2012 at

Observe you internal chatter. Listen to yourself. Listen your mind, body and emotions. What we believe is what you’ll focus on; you’ll find evidence to support it. Thanks for sharing these useful tips for free!

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