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Golf Weight Shift Exercise

by Coach Stephen on

Many of my PGA golf instructor clients tell me that their amateur students can have a tough time with proper weight transfer onto their lead leg. Of course, this can greatly diminish their ability to create consistent power, not to mention putting additional stress over time on their shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

In today’s video, I’ll share with you a golf weight shift exercise that not only helps in feeling that weight shift and post onto the lead leg, but can also be used to develop both strength and power with your hip rotation.

I picked up this exercise from Jason Glass, the man to know when it comes to all things Power, at the Titleist Performance Institute. He was kind enough to speak with me after a long day of teaching at my last TPI Power Coach Level 2 Certification Seminar. Be sure to check out The Jason Glass Performance Lab; this guy is good! 😉

I demonstrate and review how this exercise, named “Pivot & Post”, can be used for improving the kinesthetic feel of weight shifting onto the lead led, and also how it can be integrated into both a golf strength and power exercise.

Check it out, and as always, please post below in the comment section if you have any questions.

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Raymond CHASTEL November 5, 2015 at

Excellent exercise ,Coach STEPHEN.
Again ,it’s the Speed OF the Turn which is Paramount ,not the POWER .I use a more sophisticated training device called the POWER HIP ROTATOR ,which is a belt with books on which you attach various rubber tubes OF different Strenghts :you CAN swing a club with it And vary the position OF the tension ( 3/4 back ,1/4 back etc…),it ‘s not just rotating ” in line”
You CAN use it the other way around ,the rubber tube taught at the top OF the backswing in order to get the sensation OF what a very fast Turn forwards is ( Not feeling this prevents you from going very fast ).it’s like sprinters running down a slope to get the feel OF what sprinting REAL fast is .
Keep listing YOUR exercises ,they are intersting And WELL described !

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