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Golf Rotation Exercises – Wood Chop Variations

by Coach Stephen on


Golf rotation exercises are among the most popular movement patterns here at RGF; and for good reason.  They strengthen the key muscles used in the golf swing, and  develop strength, power and distance.

Although we’ve discussed in previous posts that there are a myriad of valuable planes of movement in which to strength train, and many don’t look like the golf swing; there is something that just feels good about working the golf rotation exercises.

In todays video, I’ll cover various forms of chopping (AKA Wood Chops), which can be performed with either an exercise band or a cable system. As always, respect the Mobility-Stability-Strength-Power protocol. For Wood Chops or any golf rotational exercises, that means working first on your range of motion (mobility and flexibility), then the Stability Band Anti-Rotation Hold, before performing the Strength and Power versions (adding speed).

Enjoy the video below, let me know if you have any questions or thoughts in the comments section.

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