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The Romanian Deadlift For Golf

by Coach Stephen on

NOTE: I used the image above because I thought the guys were rocking the cool socks. ¬†However, we really need to work on the deadlift technique for the guy in the yellow shirt. I’m sending him this video link…. ūüėČ

The Romanian Deadlift for golf (aka RDL) is a great exercise because it:

  • Strengthens everything from your hamstrings to your spinal erectors
  • Helps you create stability in the bending pattern, with a high carry-over to¬†maintaining your spine angle through your swing
  • Builds strong and powerful glutes, adding distance to all of your clubs

Sounds like a worthwhile exercise, eh?

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However, like with any of the bigger lifts, you need to pay close attention to your form, because if you get sloppy, there is a chance for injury.

Todays video goes over all of the finer points of performing the Romanian Deadlift for golf and reaping all the benefits, without the risk.

So to recap, here are the key elements:

  • Keep your knees slightly bent (no straight legs)
  • Keep you chest up and shoulder blades tucked together and down
  • Bend only from the hips “butt back… butt forward”
  • Go only as far as you can while maintaining a flat lower back (no rounding)

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Next up is a POWER version of the bending pattern РThe Kettlebell Swing.  So stayed tuned.

Let’s build a strong backside, crush the ball, and Get After Old Man Par!

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