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Holistic Golf Conditioning for Peak Performance

by Coach Stephen on

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What is Renegade Holistic Golf Conditioning?

It’s a systematic approach to creating optimal function and performance for you as a golf athlete.

The operative words are “optimal function and performance” and “athlete”.

We are holistic in that we view your physical body (bones, muscles, organs, systems etc), your nutrition and lifestyle, and your mental/emotional state as a collective unit.  In order to achieve optimal performance, each of these areas must be working at peak levels of health and efficiency.

The bottom line… YOU swing the club.

Throughout this website, you’ll find that our holistic golf conditioning model is broken down into three main sections – Golf Fitness, Golf Nutrition and Golf Psychology.

Our Golf Fitness protocols begin with attention to flexibility and posture, in order to correct muscle imbalances and prevent  shearing forces, torque and compression on your spine and tissues.

The second phase is stability and mobility – creating a solid foundation and range of motion around your joints are key elements in preventing injury and enabling you to generate power with your long clubs, and consistency with your short ones.

Phase three is functional strength conditioning. This means performing exercises that have a more direct carry-over to the links.  In general, this translates into more time on your feet in the gym, and less time siting on machines.

And then there are the power phases.  Although power is the holy grail for many golfers (especially us guys), it is actually only of value once the above three training phases have been adequately completed.  In simple terms, power is strength + speed.  This training phase is a lot of fun, because it involves fast rotational exercises and throwing stuff around.

When it comes to Nutrition and Lifestyle, here’s the deal –

Golf is rather a unique sport, in that it demands several different “energy systems” to be utilized during a round.  For example, it is a long duration sport, in regards to taking 4-5 hours to play 18 holes.  However, it also asks you to perform fast, ballistic POWER movements (not many people realize and appreciate that with your long clubs, you are reaching near peak output, equal to that of a hockey slap shot).  And finally, you are called upon to use your problem solving skills for every single shot.

So you need to supply your body and brain with the proper foods to perform power movements over and over again, all the while also keeping your brain engaged and fresh.

It’s sorta like playing hockey and chess at the same time.  It’s really tough, I’ve tried it!

You need the right fuel to be at your best.

In other words, your chances of peak performance during a round is heavily influenced by what you cram down you pie-hole ;)

Finally, here is our approach to results-oriented Golf Psychology:

1)  Show you numerous techniques to control your mental/emotional state at any time, regardless of the environment. This means that you can choose when you want to feel calm, confident, focused, etc (or all of them at once).  Examples of these techniques would be NLP Anchoring for Golf and Tapping for Golf.

2)  Provide you with the tools to program your sub-conscious mind for ultimate success on the links.  We do this through our Renegade Golf Hypnosis (part of our Renegade Mental Golf System).  To experience just how easy, effective, and “not weird” our golf hypnosis program is check out this free golf hypnosis session.

This has been a quick overview of our Holistic Renegade Golf Conditioning System.

The good stuff is always in the details.

So please take some time to check out all of the resources on this site.

I will be adding new content each and every week.  Please contact me with specific questions about your workout, diet or brain training, and we will answer it in an upcoming post.

Let’s team up and get after Old Man Par!

golf conditioning

Let's Get this Bastard!

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Matt Nawrocki March 6, 2012 at

Coach Stephen: thanks for the post. In years past I have dabbled in all approaches to better my game, but never was I able to put them all together like you describe. Your coaching has allowed me to “clear out all the unnecessary crap” and focus on what will make me better. Your approach has made me the best golfer I can be. The holistic golf approach ROCKS! Please keep the great info and tips on your web site coming.

Coach Stephen March 6, 2012 at

Hey Matt – thanks for the update and kind words about the blog. More great stuff on the way. Thanks for reading!

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