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Golf Power: Tornado Ball Training Video

by Coach Stephen on

golf power ball

Golf Power is everyone’s favorite training phase.

… and when done at the right time (with proper preparation through the essential phases of flexibility, mobility, and strength) and done correctly, it’s just as productive as it is FUN.

In today’s blog post video, you’ll get to watch one of our juniors demonstrate her golf power training using a Tornado Ball.

Check it out:

If you are ready to add these exercises to your training, you can get your own Tornado Ball HERE

Train smart, get powerful, and get after Old Man Par.

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Tony Lee February 23, 2012 at

“Golf Power is everyone’s favorite training phase.”
Yes Yes Yes and YES! Thats so true, so thanks for cautioning me against jumping into it before I am really ready. Also, I wish I had the power of that little junior golfer. She is impressive.

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