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Best Golf Rotation Exercise Part 2

by Coach Stephen on

golf rotation exercise

In part 1 of this Golf Rotation Exercise series we covered the Pallof Press. If you missed that post, please watch that video HERE and master that exercise before progressing to this more advanced golf rotation exercise, known as “The Walkout.”

Like the Pallof Press, this golf rotation exercise actually resists rotation, which will build the stability and strength in your golf swing. Without a properly conditioned core, you’ll be unable to create a stable base upon which to express your strength and power.


For The Walkout, we recommend 2-3 sets of 4 reps each side. Three lateral steps out and three back = 1 rep.

Start out with a lighter band and smaller steps, in order to get a feel for this “total tension” exercise. You’ll find that it is self-correcting, in that if you step too far out on the initial step, you’ll be forced to make the next two quite a bit shorter 😉

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