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The Key to Junior Golf Success

by Coach Stephen on

junior golf

As a golf performance coach, I’ve seen many changes in the junior golf world over the past twelve years.

The main difference is in the level of competition. The popularity of junior golf has made it far more challenging to get golf scholarships.

At one point, not too long ago, good grades and the ability to post 80 could get you into plenty of good colleges and universities (especially girls).

Not the case anymore.

Junior golf has become fiercely competitive. The vast majority of the kids I work with do not have the luxury of spending years at the top golf school academies.

This can sometimes make them feel discouraged, as if they don’t stand a chance against the “privileged” kids.

I am quick to teach them that there are plenty of good instructors all over the country, even at small local courses.

Plus, there are three key areas where they can often make up a tremendous amount of ground on the kids with all the monetary advantages.

1) The Mental Game – Tour pros estimate that their success is 60-90% mental. The same goes for junior golf.  Most young kids are can be temperamental, easily discouraged with a poor shot or performance, and lose focus at the drop of a hat.  Teaching them how easy and fun it can be to choose their mood at any time (while never denying true feelings) can go a long way in their enjoyment and success in golf and in all other aspects of their lives.

Techniques such as NLP Anchoring, Tapping, and Visualization can all be adapted to the appropriate age and language levels of juniors as young as seven years old.

2) Golf Fitness – A comprehensive fitness plan designed specifically for golf and the individual junior athlete is crucial for long term success. Seek out a professional who trains golfers as athletes and understands the complexities of designing conditioning programs for juniors.

A good resource is The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) – look for the designation of Junior Golf Fitness Trainer.

3) Nutrition – Proper food and drink before and during a round will ensure sustained energy and focus.   This is crucial, as golf requires repeated bouts of power (with the long clubs) over several hours.  Choosing the wrong foods will also result in inconsistent blood sugar levels, meaning that both decision making skills and mood will diminish.

While the other kids are eating fast food and guzzling sodas, those with an optimal diet will always be prepared for peak performance.

While good swing instruction and dedicated practice are essential, the above three keys to junior golf success can go a long way to leveling the playing field for all of our kids.

For a complete resource guide to these areas for your junior golfer, check out our step-by-step system below:

junior golf


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