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Weird Mind Technique For Golf Success

by Coach Stephen on

Golf Success

As you long-time Renegade Golfers know, I will test out ANY mental game technique that has the potential to increase the golfing success of our team members.

BTW, if you are reading this, I consider you a team member.

There is no initiation fee, but I reserve the right to institute a hazing protocol at any time. 😉

Once again, I digress…

I first test out the new technique on myself, and if it shows promise, I engage several of my local Renegade Golfers to test it out as well.

Only after it passes mustard with a majority of my locals, do I post it out on the blog for the whole team to give-it-a-go.

I’d like to introduce you to one of my long-time mentors in the field of Energy Psychology,  Dr. Steve Wells.


Steve is a traditionally trained psychologist (but let’s not hold that against him).

I’m (sorta) kidding…

But he has explored all kinds of alternative methods for assisting athletes (and big-wig corporate types) in overcoming fears (both of failure and success) and achieving the highest goals and aspirations.

I’m proud to call this crazy Aussie my “mate” and mentor.

And I’m excited to let you know that Steve has a Special Report for our team members.

Even if you are familiar with different Energy Psychology (EP) methods, I am confident that you will find Steve’s approach to Simple Energy Techniques (SET) to be refreshing and valuable.

And for your EP virgins, you will find this straight-forward approach easier to learn and equally effective as the more complex methods.

To download your FREE Special Report and super-charge your golf success, click the link below:

Steve Wells Special Report

NOTE #1 – Be sure to click on the link on the first page of the report, in order to get a quick overview of SET.

NOTE #2 – Once you see how valuable this technique is, you may want to consider checking out Steve LIVE, as he is making his way to the US this summer to put on several seminars.  I can tell you from personal experience, these seminars can enhance more than just your golf success… like your whole friggin’ LIFE!  Check out the links below for details on his seminars.

See Dr. Steve Wells LIVE in Seattle

See Dr. Steve Wells LIVE in Los Angeles


And keep in mind that this stuff is one of three techniques (the other two being Hypnosis and NLP) that are covered in my Renegade Mental Golf System


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Rick June 12, 2012 at

I was unable to get Steve Wells report!! When I clicked on it nothing happened. I am very curious about the use of EP.

Coach Stephen June 13, 2012 at

Hey Rick – sorry about any issues with the download! Try this direct link, and please let me know if it doesn’t open right up for you:

Krista Brown June 13, 2012 at

Great post! I will use this info right away, I tried this and it works, thanks! – Krista

Robert Marshall June 17, 2012 at

Just signed up for your free email updates! I really enjoy your posts!

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