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Prevent Golf Sway Now – Wake Your Butt Up Part II

by Coach Stephen on

This is the second part of The Renegade Golf Wake Your Butt Up Series.

If you missed the first installment, Click Here to get up to speed.

Golf sway is a problem that approximately 40% of us struggle with, resulting in poor contact, limited consistency, and a lack of power.

Technically speaking, sway is any excessive lateral movement of the hips backwards from the ball on your backswing.

There can be several reasons that you might experience varying levels of sway in your golf swing.  In todays post, I’ll be focusing on how your weak butt muscles should be your prime suspect.

Glute Medius – Pelvis Stabilizer

Your Glute Maximus is the prime stabilizer of your pelvis, but almost as important, especially in preventing sway, is the Glute Meduis.

The Glute Medius stabilizes the pelvis and allows for a strong coil and loading of the rear leg.

Here’s your Glute Medius:

In the video below, I’ll show you an exercise to wake up your Glute Medius, and then a simple drill to enable you to stabilize on your rear leg during your backswing.

Try out these exercises… stop your golf sway… And get after Old Man Par!

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