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Cure Your Golf Yips With Hypnosis

by Coach Stephen on

Is there anything more morally debilitating, hauntingly humiliating, than a bad case of the yips?

The answer is NO.

There’s a small group of people who say they don’t exist.

Of course it was a small group of people than found OJ Simpson “not guilty”.

I’m not certain it’s the same group… but I have my suspicions.

And then there are some medical doctors (mainly surgeons) who believe it is a physical problem, some sort of over-use injury.

You know the old saying “When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail”?

Side Note: When I was in college, I mistakenly thought the expression was “When you’re hammered, everything looks like a tail”, referring to my friends embarrassingly unsuccessful attempts to find female companionship as the bars started to close at 2:00 AM.

But I digress…

My point is that the yips are indeed mysterious and many people have differing opinions on what they are and how to get rid of them.

Nothing wrong with that. Like I always tell my golfers – Whatever works for ya!

At the Renegade Golf Institute, our psychology “hammer” is the mental/emotional system, and we’ve had a great deal of success “nailing” the yips with golfers around the world.

As a matter of fact, I would estimate that about 40% of my personal phone coaching revolves around golf yip issues.

Renegade Golf Psychology has dominated the yips 90% of the time (we’re working to get it to 100%).

Up until just recently, we have been employing both NLP and our Renegade Tapping Protocols to cure the yips.

With NLP, we focus on creating and maintaining optimal mental/emotional states (like calm and confident) with a variety of techniques, including Anchoring.

As for the Tapping, here are some guidelines (from the more basic to the more esoteric)

1) Pre-round clearing for general tension and anxiety

2) Pre-emptive clearing – imagining the potential yip situations and working through them

3) Tapping on the course – especially while approaching and on the greens

4) Tapping for embarrassment, humiliation or whatever emotional side effects come up as a result of the yips

5) Asking yourself the question – What might be an emotional cause off the course that would express itself in this way on the course? – and clear those issues

6) Explore the potential Self Sabotage and Comfort Zone issues – and clear those.

Everyone carries many more bags onto the course than their golf bag, and it may take some detective work to figure out what the real issues are for you.

But trust me – it’s not about the yips themselves.

BIG NEWS – We have just completed our first ever Renegade Golf Hypnosis session for Curing The Golf Yips… And we want YOU to test it out… for FREE.

OK, there is just one catch.

We ask that you commit to listening to the short session at least 4x per week for three weeks, and then testing out the results on the course.

Then let us know how it goes.

That’s all we ask.

This Renegade Hypnosis Session will be selling for $27, but you can test it out for nada… all we want is some honest feedback.

Fair enough?

If you’re ready to whip the yips, start your free hypnosis session by clicking on the blue arrow below:


Or  Click Here and save the MP3 audio file to your computer.

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michel wandel March 16, 2012 at

this was better than previous experiences with hypnosis in other fields. I felt at moments as though bathed in a golden light accompanied by a general lightness.
I came out feeling very positive and wanting to have a round of golf at once.
the accompanying water sound, thought, I found a bit loud and fast. but everything nevertheless worked absolutely fine.
thank you for the experience.

Coach Stephen March 16, 2012 at

Hey Micheal – thanks for the feedback. Consistency is the key with these hypnosis tracks, so please listen to it for a couple of weeks and then get back to me with your on-course results.

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