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The Push Up is the King of the horizontal pressing movement pattern, and our choice here at RGT for developing golf strength and power in the upper body, including the core (which most golfers don’t realize).

The barbell bench press has nothing on this beautifully functional and adaptive exercise. No matter what the huge bodybuilders tell you.

It may seem like a simple exercise, but like with most things, the devil is in the details.

In the video below, we’ll cover all those devils, as well as numerous variations to allow any golfer (barring orthopedic shoulder issues) to perform a solid push ups.

If you’re brand new to golf strength training, or have been at it for years, you’re sure to get some take-away tips on how to perfect the push up.

Test out to see which push up variation allows you to keep perfect form, build your golf strength and Get After Old Man Par.

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We are consistently honored that so many parents allow us the opportunity to work with their junior golfers. It’s a group that we thoroughly enjoy and find immensely rewarding.

I often have 12-15 junior golfers at any given time, while our other coaches usually have 3-4 junior athletes on their regular schedules.

Disclaimer: None of us have any children of our own. And I won’t insult anyone by insinuating that the menagerie of felines that Michelle and I rent from are in any way equivalent.

So you might be wondering how we would have any worthwhile insight or tips for you in coaching YOUR kids.

That’s a legit question. Here are two potential answers:

1) Personally, being about the same age as most of the parents, but in a different role, allows me the opportunity to take on a coach (but non-parental) perspective. Once rapport is developed, many junior golfers will open up to us in ways they’re hesitant to do with their parents, no matter how solid that relationship may be.

Then there is the issue of “proximity bias”. We can say, literally, the exact same thing to a junior as their mother/father would, and get a distinctively better response. This can then allow space for a different type of dialogue about health/fitness/lifestyle, and all of the secondary benefits that are derived from that foundation: confidence, self-reliance, self-esteem, awareness and control of their physical bodies, etc.

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The Best Golf Posture Exercise

by Coach Stephen on

The ability (or lack-thereof) to maintain ideal golf posture and spinal angle during the golf swing is the Achilles heel of so many golfers, and a constant headache for instructors worldwide.

This problem can have several causes, but in this video I will address the most common one: weakness of the postural muscles, especially those of the upper back.

As we’ve talked about many times, most people these days have a rounded upper back and shoulders that are forward and rotated inwards.

This severely restricts rotation of your trunk. In order to get any length at all on your back-swing, you must then “stand up”.

And there goes your golf posture and any chances of playing to your peak potential.

Here’s a simple exercise that will go a long way to solving this issue for you.

The Prone Cobra Exercise

In review:

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Coffee & Your Golf Performance

by Coach Stephen on

If you’re anything like me, then you love a good cup of Joe, or maybe three.

And we’re not alone, as caffeine is the most popular psychoactive drug in the world, with coffee being the main source for getting it into our systems.

But coffee can be a sort of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde drug.  With all kinds of conflicting information in the media about both the health and performance benefits and the potential pitfalls, it can be confusing, to say the least.

So today, I’d like to share a few of my thoughts/experiences with coffee and golf performance, as well as the it’s overall effects on your health and wellbeing.

Does coffee improve or hinder your golf performance?

Well, as usual… it depends.

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Golf rotation exercises are among the most popular movement patterns here at RGF; and for good reason.  They strengthen the key muscles used in the golf swing, and  develop strength, power and distance.

Although we’ve discussed in previous posts that there are a myriad of valuable planes of movement in which to strength train, and many don’t look like the golf swing; there is something that just feels good about working the golf rotation exercises.

In todays video, I’ll cover various forms of chopping (AKA Wood Chops), which can be performed with either an exercise band or a cable system. As always, respect the Mobility-Stability-Strength-Power protocol. For Wood Chops or any golf rotational exercises, that means working first on your range of motion (mobility and flexibility), then the Stability Band Anti-Rotation Hold, before performing the Strength and Power versions (adding speed).

Enjoy the video below, let me know if you have any questions or thoughts in the comments section.

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Golf Weight Shift Exercise

by Coach Stephen on

Many of my PGA golf instructor clients tell me that their amateur students can have a tough time with proper weight transfer onto their lead leg. Of course, this can greatly diminish their ability to create consistent power, not to mention putting additional stress over time on their shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

In today’s video, I’ll share with you a golf weight shift exercise that not only helps in feeling that weight shift and post onto the lead leg, but can also be used to develop both strength and power with your hip rotation.

I picked up this exercise from Jason Glass, the man to know when it comes to all things Power, at the Titleist Performance Institute. He was kind enough to speak with me after a long day of teaching at my last TPI Power Coach Level 2 Certification Seminar. Be sure to check out The Jason Glass Performance Lab; this guy is good! 😉

I demonstrate and review how this exercise, named “Pivot & Post”, can be used for improving the kinesthetic feel of weight shifting onto the lead led, and also how it can be integrated into both a golf strength and power exercise.

Check it out, and as always, please post below in the comment section if you have any questions.

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One of the most challenging initial aspects for many of our clients is how to increase their golf shoulder turn.

As you are certainly aware, your range of motion in your backswing (or lack thereof) will have a definite effect on many aspects of your ball striking, most notably on your distance.  What many golfers are unaware of, however, is that a limited range of motion on your follow-through can also kill your distance.


Because your body is smart, and when it senses that you start moving too fast (as in accelerating your golf club on your downswing), compared to your ability to slow down and stop the action (limited range of motion on your follow-through), your brain will “protect” you by decelerating your club sooner.  Basically, your body/mind connection is attempting to prevent you from injuring small muscles in your shoulders, or have your arms completely rip off your torso.

The point being that the specific golf shoulder turn stretches in this video should be performed on both sides of the body, like most of the stretches and exercises we suggest for you.

I picked up these stretches from a guy named Kelly Starrett of Mobility WOD.  His information is worth your time to check out, if you liked those demonstrated in our video. He’s a bit hardcore at times, so go easy.  But with that caveat, he is THE MAN when it comes to Mobility.

Try these stretches and let me know how you like them, and if you have any questions.

The band that I’m using can be purchased HERE (go with the BLK 2.5 inch)

Increase your golf shoulder turn (both directions), drive the ball further… and Get After Old Man Par!

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golf swing speed

It would be challenging to find a golfer on the planet that doesn’t want to increase their distance with all of their clubs.

How about you?

One of the crucial elements to achieving more distance is to increase your golf swing speed. There are a several different areas that you can improve to get this accomplished; some of them deal with swing mechanics and proper club fitting, while the ones we are focusing on are the physical attributes.

In todays blog post video, I’ll demonstrate a unique way to increase your arm speed, which is one of the most influential physical components of increased swing speed. I’m pleased to share this exercise with you that I learned at my latest Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Fitness Level 3 Certification.

It was developed by Tom House, originally of baseball fame, for training pitchers to dramatically improve their throwing velocity. Then Tom added NFL quarterbacks to his client list, and works with most of the elite ones on developing even more powerful throwing arms. Just last year Tom teamed up with TPI and now we can benefit from the same protocols he is using with Tour professionals.

This is a prime example of how not every exercise in a golf fitness program has to look just like golf. TPI has a protocol using drivers with shafts of different weights (don’t worry, you don’t let go of them!). I’ll be covering this in a later post. However, they actually like this “throwing drill” even better than swinging the drivers for increasing your golf swing speed.

The specific medicine ball set that I am using is from TAP Conditioning, and can be purchased here.

Test out this drill, 2 sets per side, 3 x week for 3 weeks. Then progress to the standing version, and finally a step and throw version.

As always, let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, and keep me posted on your progress. Let’s increase our golf swing speed and “Get After Old Man Par”!

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What Does Golf Fitness Look Like?

by Coach Stephen on

So what exactly does golf fitness look like?

There have been several winners lately on the PGA Tour (the latest being Kevin Stadler) that don’t seem to be the (visual) epitome of health and fitness.  This prompted the question from a friend of mine of whether or not golf fitness was even necessary… maybe just a fad.

I hung my head in shame and was just glad that I’d made some good investments and had retirement savings.  Time to close up shop.

All joking aside, it was a legitimate question, deserving of a legitimate answer.

So here goes…

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Golf Strength And Power Exercises

by Coach Stephen on

Golf Swing

As all of you long-time Renegade Golfers know, it is vital to follow a protocol of Mobility and Stability basics before you get into golf strength and power exercises.

And everyone agrees that the only cycle of workouts that are more fun than strength training is POWER training.  So let’s say that you have faithfully been nailing your strength training cycle workouts for 2-3 months.  Is it time to jump into a full-blown power cycle?

Here’s a better idea:  Use a “transitional” workout regime that is referred to as Contrast Training.

Contrast Training is an excellent bridge from strength to power workouts, because it combines both golf strength and power exercises in pairs.

Below is a short video clip where Coach Ryan and I go over the basic concept, and provide two demos of exercises for you to try out:

NOTE:  Keep in mind this type of training is appropriate ONLY if you have progressed through your Mobility and Stability cycles, and spent at least 6-12 weeks in your Strength cycle.  If you would like to learn all of the details on how to structure an entire year of workouts, with videos of every exercise, might I suggest checking out our Power Golf Training System below:

Power Golf Fitness System

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