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Best Golf Balance Exercises

by Coach Stephen on


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David Bushnell April 28, 2016 at

Hi Stephen,
I have more recently found great difficulty in holding a one legged stance with eyes open, I have improved one leg more than the other, but still need a single point of focus to manage even
25-30 secs on the good leg.As a 69 year old should I get my inner ear checked out. Thank you


Coach Stephen May 21, 2016 at

Hello David – thanks for your question. It’s not uncommon to have one side be more challenging than the other. Most often (and surprising to most golfers) it’s the leg opposite your dominant hand i.e. your right handed, and often times you’ll be more stable standing on your left leg. I can’t provide any medical advice, but I think it might be a good idea to have your inner ear checked out. Do you ever have any dizziness or vertigo symptoms? Also, try focusing on a modest contraction in your core, and keep in mind your center of gravity is just below your navel. Focusing there can sometimes be helpful. Please keep me posted.


Raymond CHASTEL April 28, 2016 at

Dear Stephen,
Wonderful (and more difficult than it looks ) exercise.
I perform several of these “balance ” drills ,taken from JOEY DIVISALVI’s book “FIX YOUR BODY ,FIX YOUR SWING ”
My question is why do these exercises taking into account the dominant ,then non dominant eye .
I close both eyes together .
Kind regards ‘From FRANCE and the FRENCH RIVIERA )


Coach Stephen May 21, 2016 at

Hey Raymond – great question. If you are able to get 30 seconds with both eyes closed, then you are officially at level 4 (good for you!). The next level would be turning the head side to side. The reason for levels 2 and 3 having the non-dominant and then dominant eye closed is to essentially take away 1/2 of your visual feedback at a time. First closing the non-dom eye, and then in level 3 closing the dom-eye (which should be a bit more challenging). Hope that makes sense. Thanks again for reading the blog and your question.


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